Breathable jackets and suits!

The Marine Warehouse are of course famous for its range of quality life jackets - but we also stock a range of award winning breathable oilskins for boating.

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Savings on new oilskins

Save £'s on your oilies!

The Marine Warehouse stock a range of Marinepool breathable clothing.

These arent just any oilskins, for example our Marine Performance II suit has won many awards in the marine press.

This suit literally flew off the shelf at Southampton Boat Show. Why? Because it has the features and performance of suits that are double the price!

This breathable jacket has been highly acclaimed by the boating press:

Sailing Today Magazine made it a 5 star 'Best Buy' saying it represented the best value and performance of 9 tested jackets.

Yachting magazine gave it 59 out of 60 points and made it their overall winner when testing 7 well known brands for; waterproofness, drying ability, breathability, technical features, comfort and fit, quality of fabric and production.

Guaranteed sizing - worry free

How can our customers ensure the correct fit?

The Marine Warehouse have sold many breathable sailing suits. As a result we have great experience of knowing which jacket or trousers will suit each person.

To ensure a perfect fit we normally request your height, chest, waist, weight and inside leg. From there we will size your jacket.

The suit will fit perfectly, guaranteed. If it doesn't - we will exchange it at our expense!

Shipping direct to your door

The Marine Warehouse ship oilskins every day to England, Wales, Scotland, Northern and Southern Ireland, and are able to ship to all the outlying islands of the UK.

We charge a flat rate of £5.95 for all parcels.

This rate currently applies to all the above locations, we are the only mail order supplier in the UK who does this!

We are shipping specialists, your oilskins will arrive, checked and correct in perfect condition.

breathable jacket

The only award winning breathable suit in the UK

Our Marine Performance 2 suit has won many awards and is highly rated.

Check our online store for a full specification of this suit!

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Sailing today best buy lifejacket award

'Best Buy' winner with 5/5 stars ...

Its not easy to achieve a 5 star rating in 'Sailing Today' magazine but thats exactly the rating they gave our jacket!

Breathable trousers available in our life jacket store

Breathable trousers

The Marine Warehouse stock matching breathable trousers to go with your breathable jacket.

Sizing is never an issue, we have no less than 7 sizes in stock! Everyone is that little bit different and we will happily mix and match the different sizes between jackets and trousers!

Please email us with any questions - our life jacket specialists can answer your questions abour our oilskins very quickly and our advice is free!

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Crew of maxi yacht Leopard of London in breathable jackets

As worn by the crew of Leopard

Yes its exactly the same suit that the crew of maxi yacht 'Leopard' of London wear!

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