Crewsaver Aurora Coastal Flare Pack - New 2021 Stock! Save £20!

Crewsaver Aurora Coastal Flare Pack - New 2021 Stock! Save £20!

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Price: £109.99 £89.99 inc VAT

2021 Season with Dec 2024 expiry!

UK delivery from FREE per order!


Crewsaver's Coastal Flare Pack contains both long and short range distress signals designed to signal distress in an emergency situation. This 6 piece flare pack comes complete in a sturdy, buoyant 3lt waterproof container.

Typical use: Boating day and night, sail or power upon inland, local coastal and coastal waters, up to 7 miles from land.

It contains:

2 X Red Parachute Rockets for long range aerial distress signal.
2 X Red Handflares for short range for use in day and night
2 X Orange Handsmoke for short range daytime use to indicate position and wind direction once potential rescuer is sighted

Four season shelf life. Current stock expires December 2024. 

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