Lifejackets & Aircraft

Taking Lifejackets on a Flight!

Can you take lifejackets on an aeroplane?

There is much debate about whether lifejackets can or cannot be carried onboard an aeroplane.  

The answer, according to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), is YES!

What lifejacket equipment can you take on an aeroplane?

Passengers can carry one lifejacket containing up to two co2 cylinders alongwith two spare cylinders (maximum of 4 cylinders per person and up to 50ml water capacity).


Carry-On Baggage Checked (hold) Baggage On One's Person

Airline Approval Required

Small cartridges fitted into a self-inflating life-jacket must be for inflation purposes.


No more than two small cylinders of carbon dioxide or another suitable non-flammable non-taxic gas fitted in the life-jacket per person and a maximum of two spare cartridges


































This information may be updated at any time and remember to check for any amendments relating to the transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations!

Please click on the links below to check the rules for self-inflating life-saving equipment with popular airlines:


16th May 2023

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