Vat or No Vat?

Adult lifejackets

Prices quoted within our website include vat where applicable.

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Vat and Lifejackets

This page will iron out any questions you may have in relation to vat and purchases from The Marine Warehouse Ltd.

Vat at 20% is included in all adult lifejacket prices quoted within our store.

A vat invoice is supplied with all orders.

There are some anomalies with vat and lifejackets, this page provides the information you need to ensure you are paying the correct price.

Kids lifejackets

Kids lifejackets sized up to 40kg are zero rated for vat.

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Vat and kids lifejackets

There is no vat on kids clothing in the UK. Lifejackets are classed as clothing and as such are zero rated for vat.

Zero rating only applies to sizes up to 40kg, but this does cover the majority of our kids range.

Vat free lifejackets

Certain sales are classed as vat free. This means that adult lifejackets can be shipped less vat.

Examples include sales to companies outside the UK but within the EU with a valid vat number or sales to customers residing in Jersey.

Please email our sales team if you require clarification on you particular order.

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Vat and Channel Islands Orders

The Marine Warehouse does not charge vat when shipping to the Channel Islands, including Jersey, Guernsey and Sark.

Channel Islands residents will automatically have vat deducted from purchases prior to order processing.

(This of course excludes kids lifejackets which are zero rated anyway.)

If you are a resident of the Channel Islands and require clarification of the price you will pay - please email our sales team.

Sales to EU companies

Sales to vat registered companies within the EU but outside the UK are also supplied vat free.

This can be applied to sales to vat registered companies within Southern Ireland.

Certain criteria apply, please email for details.