Lifejacket Maintenance

Lifejacket Winter Checks

If you look after your lifejacket it will look after you.

It is recommended by manufacturers, RNLI and Martime and Coastguard Agency that lifejackets are servcied on an annual basis at an Approved Lifejacket Service Centre.

Your Service Centre will ensure that the lifejacket has up-to-date parts, that everything is in the right place and fitted correctly and, that your lifejacket would inflate properly if deployed.  Vigorous checks and certification is required to become an Approved Service Centre.  It is not a job for just any indivdual or organisation.

Marine Warehouse is a Maritime & Coastguard Agency Approved Lifejacket Service Centre and our brand partners have certified Marine Warehouse technician's to service their lifejackets.  

Your first lifejacket service should take place, 12 months from the date you purchased your lifejacket.

The annual service however, does not mean that you forego checking your lifejacket before use.  The following information will help look after you and your lifejacket!

Day-to-Day Lifejacket tips in order to look after your lifejacket.

  • Visual check for any general wear and tear
  • Check for any corrosion on the gas cylinder
  • Ensure retaing clips and capsules are in position and in-date
  • Check and wearing points, holes on the internal bladder
  • Repack the lifejacket in the correct manner



19th October 2023

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