Understanding your Certification

What ISO rating is your lifejacket?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what safety specification your buoyancy or lifejacket meets?

Here is a guide on the ISO Approval and how it relates to the buoyancy of your safety equipment.

50 N ISO 12402-5 / EN 393 - 50 N Buoyancy aid
For use by competent swimmers in safe, sheltered waters only as long as assistance is at hand. Not safe for unconscious persons..
100 N ISO 12402-4 / EN 395 - 100 N Lifejackets
Lifejacket suitable for adults and children who are swimmers for use in inland waters and safe areas. Only limited protection for unconscious persons, depending on clothing.
150 N ISO12402-3 / EN 396 - 150 N Lifejackets
lifejacket for swimmers and non-swimmers, for all waters. Only limited protection for unconscious persons wearing heavy waterproof clothing or in extreme sea states.
275 N ISO 12402-2 / EN 399 - 275 N lifejackets
Lifejacket for offshore use and extreme conditions. Immediate protection for unconscious persons, with turnover guaranteed within 5 seconds. Adequate buoyancy even with heavy clothing.

Remember that all crew members should wear a lifejacket. Ensure the lifejacket fits correctly and is suitable for the person wearing it.

Please contact the specialist team at Marine Warehouse should you have any questions regarding sizing, buoyancy and choosing the correct jacket for your needs.

8th July 2024

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