Checking and Replacing your MK5 United Moulders Cartridge

When to change your UML Automatic Cartridge

The United Moulders MK5 Automatic Cartridge has a Replace By Date printed on it.

Please ensure that the cartridge is replaced before this date.

Please note that the cartridge has 'EXP' printed before the date DO NOT USE and replace immediately.

United Moulders recommend that cartridges are replaced accordingly:

Recreational Use: Replace every two years or by the REPLACE BY date - whichever is sooner.

Commercial/ Professional Use: Replace annually. 

Never exceed the REPLACE BY date.

It is recommended by United Moulders that all lifejackets with their inflators are inspected at an Approved Service Centre annually.  Please note that SOLAS approved lifejacket are required to be serviced annualy by an authorised service station.

12th July 2024

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